My Baby's Beat App Reviews

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Ça marche bien! Faut juste trouver le bon angle! Incroyable!


Ne fonctionne pas avec iphone 5


It is not possible to be used with iPhone5, because the microphone is near the ear phone port.


First picked up the heartbeat with this app at 15.5 weeks. Have had no problem using it to hear the heartbeat since then. It absolutely works the way it is supposed to.

Love it

I was very skeptical to purchase at first but Ive been using since 14 weeks, now 16 weeks and have had no trouble finding the heartbeat. It works just like its suppose to. :)


I could not be more annoyed with all the static and cut offs I hear. I can barely hear my own heartbeat, let alone babies. I feel like it needs an update and much more instructions like how much pressure etc.

No good

Dont waste your money!! It doesnt work!

Worked on iPhone 4 but not 6

I used this app in a previous version and was able to get proper fetal heartbeat around 27 wks on my iPhone 4 (I have very thin build so could hear it early). So I know it did work. With my iPhone 6, because Apple moved the headphone jack to the bottom, the app cant let you to put headphones on anymore in order to listen because the mic is next to where youre supposed to plug in headphones. So it would be impossible to press the mic to your belly with headphones in. So the result is it has to synthesize what it thinks it hears internally, and its confounded by the apps own noise blasting out of the iPhone speaker. Its just harder to make out whats going on with the speaker down by your belly instead of through headphones. On top of that, and this is the worst in my opinion, the speaker is ALSO on the bottom so its pumping some nasty crackly white noise right onto my pregnant belly! The baby HATES it and kicks up a storm till I stop. This was never an issue with the headphone ability. So now its useless on iPhones with headphone jack on the bottom.

Worked after 30 weeks

I got this app around 16 weeks and tested it fairly regularly but its true what the app says, works best after 30 weeks. My phone is a 5s and works fine. Ive been able to find babys heartbeat easily in the last two months. They are frequently in the anterior position which I assume helps to hear it more than if its back was turned away from where you place the phone.

This app does not work

I am 37.2 weeks and I have never been able to get a fetal heartbeat - dont waste your time or money.


Doesnt work at all. Dont waste your money. It couldnt even find my heartbeat.

Do not purchase

This is the biggest piece of junk that I have ever purchased. Apple should give me my money back.

So crappy

Dont waste ur money, it doesnt even work. Totally different when u go to Drs

Works well

I am 25 weeks pregnant and i heard my babys heartbeat perfectly even though i am not a skinny woman. Took me about 15 minutes to find it and then i could do several recordings. The app is worth the price for me.

Actually works!!

I never write reviews or rate anything. But I wanted to because this app had none which made me skeptical to buy. I had a pregnancy scare and needed to monitor baby so I got it and I check it all the time for piece of mind:) takes a few minutes to find but dont give up! Get this app mommas!

Works just fine on thin people!

Unfortunately, it works fantastic on myself and my baby but has difficulty with heavier set people. Thats probably why there are people rating it as junk, and others saying its amazing.


Cant use till your in week 30 and up

Not impressed

Havent heard one heart beat with it yet and over 37 weeks. Not very good. Wouldnt spend the money.

30weeks 1day

Its a bit staticky but definitely works!!! I found his heart beat lower down my belly almost at my pubic bone!

Dont waste your money

Dont waste your money, this app simply does not work. I tried many many times, and even now at 40-weeks and 4 days i hear nothing. Just to be clear, im fit, my belly is a perfect tight ball in front of me. I gained 27lb through out my pregnancy. This app has even hard time finding my own heartbeat. Not worth it. Perhaps some people got lucky, and thats wonderful but it did not work for me even once.

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